Linoleum Seat Experiment

Linoleum seat is an experiment I decided to do as part of a series of low-res modifications to the wheelchair I had purchased. This is an ongoing thing as the wheelchair has become a sort of test bed for material additions/subtractions.

Im not really sure why i decided to change out the seat material. I think it was just one of the things I hated most, materials/aesthetic wise. It seems that the most important part of the wheelchair is the bit most in contact with the user. The seat material of course has to be functional, wipe/water proof and sturdy enough. I looked to Linoleum as we use it as a finish at work for table tops/seats. In this application it always bonded to a piece of plywood so it was also a test to see if it was strong enough to not only take the weight of a user, but also the tensile forces of folding/unfolding and pressures of an articulating chassis. It chose cream as its the oppositeĀ tone of the present colour scheme. I wanted it to stand out and be an obvious change. It was nice to add something organic in hue to the otherwise stark object.


An interesting experiment to do after this would be to spray the whole chair white? or the opposite. How would that look against a white/black background. Would it become invisible? camo wheelchair/old age.. Invisible old age. ???












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