Gaffa Tape Workshop

I took this image below along with a section of other mobility aids and scenes of old peoples homes and Jimmy/Charlie chose this image as they thought a selection of walking sticks would be interesting to produce in gaffa tape and cardboard. I was skeptical at first as I thought them quite boring compared to a wheelchair etc.. But in creating them I began to see the beauty in such objects.

The beauty is explained in charlies method of

2 | Description

Describe your object in 3 ways:

First description: Exactly what it is

Second description: Vaguely or tangentially what it is

Third description: Abstract or alternative version of the second description

An Example

  1. A walking stick
  2. Something to keep you upright
  3. A spine


  1. A walking stick
  2. providing support for the elderly and frail
  3. young people


  1. A walking frame
  2. stops you from tipping over
  3. centrifugal force


  1. A walking stick
  2. Propping up a human body
  3. A skeleton


  1. A  walking stick
  2. about hip height, usually to the right
  3. swiss army knife/leatherman


  1. A walking frame
  2. an ornament, a stick, a stick with purpose
  3. Baton


  1. A walking stick
  2. an object of independence
  3. the motor car


It was in crafting these tools out of card/gaffa, that i understood that these object can be so much more than they are. They can become a persons pride and joy. I am absolutely obsessed with cars, so when I am unable to drive due to old age/disability, If my wheelchair is beautiful enough, intricate and detailed, and it is customisable in terms of veneers/colours/wheels/style – if I can inject some personality into it then it will become my pride and joy and I will care for it and tinker with it – much the same way I tinker with my bicycle as it represents a vehicle, independence and i chose it.

I found this exercise to be very informative in terms of next steps.. How do you make a walking stick covetable?

or a wheelchair? imagine somebody polishing their wheelchair.. adding a nice dynamo headlight.. naming it? adding a license plate?


As a direct response to day 1 – I chose to turn one of my walking sticks into a vehicle.. adding an axle/a wheel and a kickstand – headlight. recognisable details of a vehicle. I think I did this because in the end I want to make these things desirable.




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