Ayfaw Kucha

Findings from the presentation –


Laura’s first advice was to choose implications. So is it old age or disability, which I gently disagreed with as the tools I am talking about are used by both people with disabilities – wheelchair/walking stick/zimmer frame/ handles etc. and the elderly. It is more the design language of old age and frailty.


NHS – question it, I agree with this, whatever I design will be a question.


So I am locked into ageing population aspect of my interest + what it means.


Better scenario is – ‘I hope when I am older’ …

Economist, rapidly improve the objects we are using or will one day rely on.

Look at care homes etc. Can I visit one?

Tithaus, Eternal life, opposite of Dorian Gray


I am imagining a world that doesn’t exists yet, + the thing that I didn’t make a note of was Laura’s response in terms of the reasoning behind the current design language. It’s the cost/ and all that boring grown up stuff, but it’s also the fact that these people don’t have voices. Its like deciding for a kid before you think they would make a good decision. These people don’t get a say + I think that’s wrong.


It is why my granddad wanted to run away.


This world is not yet on offer.


From the economist – ‘cheating deaths’ article.


‘Long life will exacerbate existing social and economic problems’ this is a scary thing. If more of us reach 100+ then demand will outstrip supply and not all of us will be entitled to an NHS wheelchair – so how do we hack our existing structures/objects to provide us with the same endefector or extension of our bodies. This is Posthumanism. Print your essay, its good.


‘Widening the Gap with treatments inaccessible to poor might deepen devisions’

so the wheelchair hack is a design for this ^ in which the poor are left behind, which is hardly the imaginings of some dystopian novel. Its what happens today.



3D printed casts. Thoughts on article.


I think I am far more interested in old age and frailty of body + temporary disability.


Things that can strike at any point.


Interesting thing that Olivier said today – oh that’s interesting and spoke about an ex maker that is now studying in Berlin and his project is about how to discreetly design buildings that are accessible to disabled and the elderly.


Maybe this could form a part of my own project. Maybe I could make contact with this guy..


As we get older, with advances in medicine we will last longer, but will our limbs and organic matter begin to fail us? We will need more tools or the ability to make tools out of objects that fall to hand. Also there will be some of us that don’t want to have our limbs removed, even if they are failing us. So there will be purists that prefer the good old-fashioned nature of succumbing to death gracefully. But elegantly. They would rather stick to traditional disability aids such as walking sticks/stairlifts etc. but wont want them to look the way they do now. I think I am talking about me. Wont want them to look shit, or depressing or overtly disabled.


I’m Thinking of you old architect, I’m thinking of you old designer. I’m thinking of you old boy, I’m thinking of me.


I’m thinking of granddad.


My essay on Posthumanism really is a great reference.

After reading it, I see that I have a real interest in the subject. Especially reading through my feedback with sean hall asking me what it might mean for design. What my interest and response might mean for design.. I have to answer this. I have arrived at a starting point in which I mean to answer this question. I like its linearity in terms of the trajectory of my second year actually counting, actually meaning something. I also then know that I have a deep interest in the subject as it is something I haven’t been able to shake since then. All throughout summer thinking of using the design practice learnt at internship but to produce something of greater integrity, of greater meaning.



What it might mean for design…the design language of old age and frailty.


What will my wheelchair,walking stick or stanna stairlift actually look like? Because I am not going to use the shit that looks like this

Insert pic of stanna..


As a footing, root..



Write up a dystopian scene, establishing the intention, root the wheelchair hack..

the physical labourer might need a rest, so he works at a  desk, his limbs are worn out, he needs tools, but he there in mind. (full body scaffold)?


Cheating deaths –


“Mid-life crisis might not be the longing of youth, but how to make the most out of the next half. – what pieces or objects can I use for my eventual frailty device.

nice title, devices of frailty.

-It speaks to the pension crisis. it speaks to the wealth divide between generations. and the financial ramifications of an ageing population without wealth or access to the nhs provisions.


  • If I needed a wheelchair tomorrow I would make my own today.
  • Channel 4 prototype advert

“Humanity must avoid the trap fallen into by tithonus, a mythical trojan – eternal life by the gods”- from the article on cheating deaths.

‘throwaway bodies’ we are just vessels

disposable soma,

‘greater longevity is within reach, even if immortality may not be.’






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