Vapour + Concrete

Having difficulty making sense of my initial interests so will just keep writing. perhaps in the turbulence of my new job + 3rd year, I can make sense of it.

I am eager to make another use of the skills + machinery i have/will learn at my new job.

another use for cnc, but for something good.

I goldsmiths is the vapour, chasing the elusive concept


and my job is concrete, then what is the result?


what is my year?


I am also very eager to finish the book I wrote 2 winters ago with Jess. a designed cathartic experience for people that have been through something dark as a child, or felt a darkness or .. you know.


I aim to respond to



I was having a conversation last year about the live project in which I designed something for mental health. when explaining the brief it was sort of scoffed at, ‘WHATS THAT GOT TO DO WITH DESIGN’

What the fuck doesn’t it have to do with design – but how do I approach this response with a project, without swearing.


I am asking myself a question.


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