Out on a limb

I think I want to question the design language and experience of certain products?

Make it desirable.


At the moment I can see my whole year flash before my eyes but its important to ride ideas and check for suitability, early on..


In prosthetics + the people who covet them. What does this mean?

Interesting article on advances in medicine and technology have given birth to prosthetic envy, particularly in competitive sports. But in the real world, why has the design aesthetic of various disability aids remained the same. It’s a depressing hospitalised vibe.




I know this is definitely a case of function over form and rightly so. But if you are to be disabled, then shouldn’t the things that you rely on be a thing of beauty, or at least resemble organic matter.


I think this is just sort of a made up limitation as an origin point, a lack..

I’m not sure that I really understand my interest in this, but at a push I guess its a product of my internship making beautiful things that people won’t really use that much, nor do they need. But what about the people that do need things, why do they have to look like this ^








so its the opposite of cyborg esque manifestations for those that have lost limbs or the ability to use them.


Maybe my first way to push this into the real world is to buy an old wheelchair + customise it. make it cool.

Just a good considered design. simple.

Maybe this is a selfish design. An answer to my own anxiety when visiting my grandad in a home. Being upset, or terrified at the objects and artefacts of old age/disability. I understand why my grandad ran away at every opportunity.

730x490_mobility_aids_product_range“From working with amputees for years, + working with people with disabilities. I see that compensations they have to make in order to function ^ WHY DOES IT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THAT, LIKE THIS ^





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