Origin Point

Writing Exercise 1.

I think I am very interested in proving designs worth to those that don’t understand its possibilities or weight. I am tired of explaining design to those that just think it is about furniture, or fashion, or other pretty things. I think this means that my eventual project aims to something that will unpick the value of design and clot the development of something that is deeply situated in reality.




Proving Designs Worth

Is going to be tough but I think this is my aim for my final year here at Goldsmiths. Ultimately if I fail at this I will be unhappy with my efforts. Design has to be understood, as it underpins so much of society and culture and by this singular fact it can be used to fix things or make sense of, or question the things that we would find difficult to initiate a dialogue with. If considered enough, people will listen and that can only be a good thing.


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